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Monthly Wellness Membership | 3 Levels of Membership: Bronze, Silver, and Gold

  • Bronze Memberships ($49/mo) include maintenance adjustment and 1 credit.
  • Silver Memberships ($69/mo) include maintenance adjustment and 2 credits.
  • Gold Memberships ($89/mo) include maintenance adjustment and 3 credits.

How Does The Membership Work In Danville VA?

When you commit to any of our monthly memberships at our Danville VA chiropractic clinic and place a credit card on file with our office (to be billed monthly) you will receive a maintenance adjustment and 1-3 credits depending on the membership you choose. Monthly credits may be used for the maintenance therapy of your choice.

Maintenance Therapies:

  • Chiropractic maintenance adjustment
  • 12-minute automated chair massage
  • 12-minute whole body vibration.
  • 12-minute Neck or Back-on-trac session
  • Kids maintenance adjustments may be added to any adult membership for just $25 (ages 1-17 y/o).

*Additional benefits included with the Silver and Gold memberships once a 3-month membership commitment is completed include a 15% discount on supplements, a 15% discount on Regenerative Cell Therapy, and a 15% discount on Physician Supervised Weight Loss.

Patients who have a flair-up, new injury, accident or is a new patient will be routed through the active side of the clinic for examination and treatments and their insurance will be billed for active care. Once their flare-up is resolved they may return to the Boost Chiro program.

FAQ About The BoostChiro Wellness Membership

Wellness/maintenance adjustments are for those patients that have already completed a treatment program in our office. They are mostly pain-free, want to limit future flair-ups and avoid surgery while maintaining their spinal health. Spinal hygiene is just like routine dental checkups, all part of a wellness lifestyle.

No. Insurance does not cover preventive care. Insurance only covers active care plans for new injuries or flair-ups where medical necessity has been established by examination and imaging.

Appointments are never needed for Boost Chiro Wellness Members. Once you become a member come by whenever we are open. Its first-come first-serve. Just stop by during normal business hours and we will have you in and out in a flash.

Your time is valuable. You don't need to be sitting around a doctor’s office for hours. CoreMedX has created a new separate adjusting area just for maintenance care. This new area should help us get you in and out in just a few minutes.

This program is designed to be used and can not be carried over from one month to the next. We can’t keep you healthy if you don’t use your membership.

In a word, No! We know it's polite to share but again, we can't keep you healthy if you don't use your membership. We do however, offer a 10% discount to all spouses, significant others, brothers and sisters, BFFs, pen-pals, hunting buddies, soul-mates, dog walkers, and complete strangers that sign up together for a Platinum or Gold membership and pay for both of their memberships on the same credit card.

Do nothing and just keep getting your usual adjustments. We will be sad that you did not join the party but you are more than welcome to just continue to pay the new lower price of $45 for a single maintenance adjustment…no frills, no fuss.

As long as your monthly membership does not lapse your price will be locked in. Lock in future healthcare costs when you join!

Former patients that are pain-free (or close to it) may re-activate to a maintenance membership after a $29 re-examination during your re-examination the doctor will decide if you need a short round of active care or can go straight back to maintenance care. (If you have had a new injury or you have pain that you rate at more than a 2/10, you will likely need active care before moving into a Boost Chiro membership).

Sign up for the monthly membership and stop in for an adjustment anytime. Membership credits do not carry over from month to month and cannot be shared. Patients must place a credit card on file and it will be charged each month. To start the membership there is a 3-month minimum commitment and after that, it is just month to month…quit anytime. As long as you stay current on your monthly membership, your monthly rate will never go up. After completing the 3-month minimum commitment patients may put their membership on hold one time for up to 3 months.

Decompression Membership Plan ($95/mo)

Chiropractic/Decompression/Platelet Therapy

  • 2 Chiropractic Adjustments per month
  • 2 Decompression Treatments per month
  • 1 x Platelet Therapy Treatment per year (1 anatomical area)

*Must have previously received Decompression/Regenerative Cell Treatments at CoreMedX to qualify.
**Membership covers access to the above services without regard to service utilization during the access period.
***Platelet therapy treatments take place in the 12th month or anytime when prepaid access to the above-described services without regard to service utilization during the paid membership period.


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