What is CoreMedX in Danville VA?

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CoreMedX is the brainchild of Dr. Isaac Hill, DC (Founder of Hill Chiropractic & Injury) and Dr. Brian Robbins, DC, CCSP, ACRB1 (Founder of Cornerstone Complete Care). Combining Dr. Robbins’ 30 years of practice experience with the cutting-edge active care protocols developed and utilized by Dr. Hill, CoreMedX offers a truly unique approach to healthcare in Danville VA.

What is the CoreMedX Method in Danville VA?

CoreMedX is an integrated approach to treating conditions of the spine and joints. At CoreMedX we evaluate each patient individually and then develop custom treatment plans which blend the best of chiropractic, massage, bracing, non-surgical spinal decompression, laser, PEMF, and targeted therapeutic stretching and strengthening exercise to correct the underlying cause of pain.

Unlike many pain management approaches that focus solely on pain control, the CoreMedX approach targets the cause of unrelenting chronic pain and attacks it at its root. The treatments work on both the cellular and neurologic levels. Your treatment may include one or more of our proprietary treatment protocols including SpineMedX, StemMedX, NerveMedX, KneeMedX, DiscMedX or PhysMedX programs.

The proprietary way in which multiple treatment modalities are utilized simultaneously has been found to have a multiplication effect on healing. Many patients that have failed with other treatment regimens finally find relief with the CoreMedX method.

New Patients

New patients entering our office are evaluated by multiple healthcare providers from different disciplines.

Initial workup may include some or all of the following:

  • Physical Examination (including orthopedic tests)
  • Neurologic testing
  • Autonomic nervous system testing
  • Xray evaluation
  • Physical performance tests
  • Digital flexibility and range of motion testing
  • Muscle strength and endurance tests
  • Digital balance and stability testing
  • Digital Foot mapping

Grand Rounds

The results of each test are carefully logged and then discussed during grand rounds, a time each day when our physicians gather to discuss cases. A custom treatment plan specifically suited to your body type and condition is developed to provide both immediate pain relief and long term improvement of the underlying condition.

Report of Findings

On your second visit to our office, one of our physicians will sit down with you and explain the results of your testing and the recommended treatment plan that has been developed to return your body to optimum health as quickly as possible. It may be recommended that you follow one or more of the MedX plans mentioned above.


Once you have begun your treatment program your progress will be monitored closely and you will be re-tested every 2-4 weeks to ensure you are making progress at the correct pace. Results of any new testing will be discussed by your physician and your treatment plan adjusted accordingly. Average treatment varies in length from as simple as a few visits to as long as 3 months for the most difficult cases.


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