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neck pain relief with chiropractic care

If you have ever had neck pain, you know it’s nothing to fool around with. Neck pain can range from very mild self-resolving episodes which last only a couple days… up to full-on disc herniations which are quite debilitating and require life-changing surgery and fusions. Women are more likely to have neck pain than men and most Americans have experienced neck pain of one type or another. In fact, 1 in 3 will experience neck pain each and every year.

There are many types and many causes of neck pain in Danville VA but most fall into 1 of 2 different categories: axial or radicular pain.

Axial pain- is mostly located along the spine at the area of injury or irritation and may spread into the upper shoulders adjacent to the spinal region involved. The pain is mostly localized.

Radicular pain- radiates along the nerve root that is being affected and may be located a long way from the involved spinal region. For instance, a bulging or herniation of the C5 disc may cause irritation of the nerve which runs to the first two fingers of the hand and may affect deep tendon reflexes, muscular strength, and cause pain, numbness and tingling, and loss of grip strength of the hand.

So What Causes Neck Pain in Danville VA?

There are many causes of neck pain including wear and tear associated with aging, whiplash-type injuries from car accidents, falls, sports injuries, overuse from repetitive tasks, spinal misalignments, and even just sleeping in the wrong position.

Upper Cross Syndrome- One of the most common underlying conditions causing neck pain is known as Upper Cross Syndrome. This frequently occurs when someone has chronic bad posture from a desk job or repetitive tasks such as on an assembly line when the muscles along the front of the neck become excessively tight and the muscles on the back of the spine become very weak. This allows the forward rolling of the shoulders causing misalignment and stress on the spinal column. While it’s relatively easy to correct, upper cross syndrome (if left untreated) leads to the type of posture you see in some elderly women who are stooped over permanently.

Fast and Effective Pain Relief

Many new patients are for some reason nervous or hesitant about the treatment of their neck pain. Truth be told most patients experience little to no discomfort with our treatments. Usually, just a few gentle treatments are all it takes to produce long-lasting relief of neck pain, especially when coupled with other relaxing CoreMedX therapies such as stretching and massage.


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