Neuropathy Treatment In Danville VA

Neuropathy Treatment In Danville VA

Chiropractic Danville VA Neuropathy Treatment

Peripheral neuropathy In Danville VA refers to a condition that affects the nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord. It primarily affects the nerves that control sensation, balance, and movement in the extremities (hands and feet). The number one cause is diabetes but there are over a hundred possible causes.

Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms In Danville VA

Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can vary depending on the type and severity of the condition. The damage that occurs is usually from one of 3 issues: 1) pinching of nerves in the low back, 2) a lack of blood flow to the extremities, 3) environmental or toxic overexposure which causes peripheral nerves to lose their ability to conduct signals properly… and sometimes it's from a combination of all three.

We Treat Neuropathy

At CoreMedX we have worked with a group of over 400 clinics that treat neuropathy to refine our treatment approach which includes both in-office and at-home components. Our Doctors use the Toronto Clinical Scoring Scale to classify the severity of your neuropathy. This testing will give you a severity number which lets them know if you are a candidate for our program and helps them predict the time needed for you to heal when following the CoreMedX protocols.

CoreMedX proprietary treatment uses a 4-pronged approach designed to address each of the mentioned potential causes of neuropathy: A short bout of in-office visits, two highly effective and patented home therapy devices, and a customized nutrition program.

The “in-office” treatment comes at the beginning of care and is made up of 2 office visits per week for a 9-week period. While in the office, patients will undergo Chiropractic treatment of the spine and lower extremities. They will also complete exercise therapy to correct kinetic chain issues and to stimulate muscular contraction-mediated blood flow improvements. Patients also work with our medical providers to facilitate a few highly specific injections in the lower extremities.

Matrix vasopneumatic electrical stimulation therapy is used to mitigate pain, numbness, and tingling, and mobilize lymphatic flow. This nerve block treatment can give some patients immediate relief.

Extracoporeal Shock Wave Therapy (Piezowave) is administered to decrease pain, improve blood flow, and increase metabolism which stimulates endogenous stem cell production needed for optimal healing.

Patients begin the “at-home” treatments simultaneously with the in-office treatment protocols. All neuropathy patients receive 2 therapy devices for use at home. The first home device improves extremity blood flow by up to 3500% and has a published success rate of 97%. The other device which is used by many major hospital systems (like Cancer Centers of America) restores nerve function and has a 94% success rate.

At the beginning of care the home therapy devices are to be used twice each day, 7 days per week.. Once at least 50% improvement has been made in the neuropathy severity number, patients are able to reduce the treatments to just one time per day. Once the patient has progressed by 75% then the home treatments can be cut to 3-4 times per week.

Our customized Nutrition Program

Our customized nutrition program focuses on increased metabolism and increased oxygen delivery to the extremities. The standard American diet is very poor in the appropriate nutrients needed for healing. We encourage our patients to engage in an anti-inflammatory diet. The supplements we have chosen are loaded with B vitamins, nitric oxide, and pH boosters. We have also included a mushroom supplement that has been shown in research studies to improve nerve regeneration.

After in-office care is complete patients are scheduled for 90-day follow-up re-examinations. Patients go through the neuropathy scoring test again to assess progress. Once the score drops to under 15% or it has been 18 months the patient is released from active care and will only need occasional maintenance care.

When patients follow our program they have a very high rate of success.


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