Coronavirus Update

Danville VA Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

The doctors at CoreMedX (formerly Cornerstone Complete Care and Hill Chiropractic) want to be your go-to site for updated information on all things Coronavirus in Danville VA as well as other pertinent and timely information on improving your health and preventing disease. If you tend to believe everything the media is telling us right now, then you might think the world is spinning faster and faster out of control and the end is very near. At this time of increased infection rates, we should all be wise and take steps to mitigate the spread of all forms of flu and virus. Many of the things we can do just require common sense like washing your hands thoroughly and keeping appropriate social distance… but there is certainly no reason to panic.

Dealing with Covid-19 in Danville VA

While no one is certain what the next couple of weeks will hold, we can have reasonable expectations that this virus will most likely follow a similar course to many of the contagious outbreaks the planet has experienced over the past few decades. Those already experiencing significant health challenges should be the most vigilant. It is our sincere desire to play a useful role for our patients and community during this time of fear and anxiety. Please check back with us every day or so as we intend to post new information regularly.

You are undoubtedly receiving emails daily, as concern grows about the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our area and beyond. Rest assured that the Doctors of CoreMedX continue to care deeply about your health and wellness. We are writing to let you know the steps implemented in our office. We have been and will continue to closely monitor this situation, being responsive to any guidance provided by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and other prominent state and local public health agencies.

Our mission has always been about optimizing your health and wellness. At this time, we recommit our practice to this guiding principle with your best interests in mind – those of our clients and patients, our staff and our extended community as a whole.

CoreMedX has developed an integrated plan to safeguard your health while in our office with the information we have as of today. However, that may change as new information becomes available. Everyone here is on alert and exercising appropriate measures around prevention. In addition to our regular office cleaning, we have started a new regimen. Every hour, the office staff is disinfecting and cleaning all points of contact surfaces including doorknobs, chair handles, chiropractic tables, computers, check-in, and check-out counters, faucets, and rehabilitation equipment, etc.

Our rehab assistants are disinfecting the rehab equipment daily including the gym mats, all handles, stabilizer grips, and foam rollers.

Our chiropractic assistants are properly washing the massage wands/theraguns before and after each treatment. As you have seen, we have also placed multiple bottles of germ-killing hand sanitizer throughout the office for our clients and staff to use. The doctors and staff are thoroughly washing their hands frequently or alternatively using hand sanitizer.

We remain conscious that all of us should cover our mouths with our arm, not our hand when coughing or sneezing. For the immediate future, we will not be shaking your hand but will offer you a warm smile and friendly elbow bump when appropriate.

We would request that if you have a fever or a cough that has recently appeared please reschedule your appointment until you are clear of symptoms. We do have a number of patients that are in one or more of the higher risk profile categories and want to protect them as best we can.

It is fairly easy to keep social distance in our office reducing the chances of any possible spread of infection. However, if you would like to remain in your car while waiting for your appointment time we will be glad to call you when it is your turn and you may walk from your car directly into the treatment area, avoiding time in the reception room altogether. If this is something you desire, call the front desk when you arrive in the parking lot, tell them the make and model of your car, and alert them that you would like a call when it is your turn to go back to the treatment area. The staff will gladly call you when it is your time.

Your health and safety are always of utmost concern at CoreMedX and we are taking what’s happening seriously. In addition to the above-stated safety measures, the most important thing you can do is keep yourself healthy.

Our bodies are exposed to and fight off many, many germs and viruses each and every day. While no one strategy can guarantee perfect health, a healthy immune system, optimized gut health, and a properly functioning nervous system will work overtime to help keep you in top shape.

Keeping Your Immune System Healthy

Some strategies to consider which may boost overall health and wellness include the following:

  • Proper sleep (7-8 hours a night)
  • Maximized nervous system function (chiropractic adjustments)
  • Daily exercise routine (stretching, strengthening, and cardio exercises)
  • An anti-inflammatory diet (avoid processed foods)
  • Proper hydration (drinking lots of water)
  • Controlling stress levels (prayer, exercise, meditation)
  • Nutritional programs aimed at proper gut health
  • Anti-viral supplements and essential oils
  • Avoiding excessive weight gain

If you have not put much thought or effort into protecting your health with a preventative wellness routine there is no time like the present!

Please call our office or speak with one of the Doctors if you have questions about this information or what you and your family can do to maximize your healthy living.

We look forward to helping you stay safe, pain-free, and healthy!

Drs. Hill and Robbins

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