So What’s The Big Deal About The Hip Flexors In Danville VA

So What's The Big Deal About The Hip Flexors In Danville VA?

Chiropractic Danville VA What's The Big Deal About The Hip Flexors

“The doctors at my clinic are obsessed with the hip flexers and whenever they talk about lower back pain they always mention them. What’s the big deal and why are the hip flexors so important?”

Any muscle that crosses the hip joint and pulls the knee toward the chest is considered a hip flexor. While most have other movements they coordinate as well, there are a total of 11 muscles that contribute in one way or another to hip flexion. Most people don't know that the majority of these hip flexors attach to the lumbar vertebrae and pelvis. When a person sits for long periods of time or has a sedentary lifestyle the hip flexors tend to tighten and pull the lumbar spine and pelvis into contracted positions. This tightness can inhibit the gluteal muscles. These muscle imbalances can lead to anterior pelvic tilt, where the pelvis rotates forward, increasing the curvature of the lower back. Excessive curvature puts stress on the structures of the lumbar spine, including the discs, joints, and ligaments, leading to low back pain. Contact our Danville VA chiropractor today to learn more.

The Cause Of Tight Hip Flexors In Danville VA

Restricted hip mobility is also often caused by tight hip flexors. When the hips lack mobility, the lumbar spine may become hypermobile during walking, running, or bending. This increased stress on the lower back can contribute to pain and lead to injury.

The deep core musculature, which includes the abdominal muscles, back extensors, and pelvic floor muscles can become weak if the hip flexors are tight. This can lead to a loss of the balance and coordination of the core muscles, negatively affecting the stability of the spine, Also leading to more spinal injuries. Addressing the hip flexors as a part of a comprehensive treatment approach for low back pain is critical. Stretching and strengthening exercises that target the hip flexors, along with other core and gluteal muscles, can help restore muscle balance, improve hip mobility, balance core strength, and reduce back pain. If you fall into any of these categories call CoreMedX today at 793-0700 to schedule a functional evaluation!


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